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The Particualrs of Teaching Faculty and Students

Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Computers are omnipresent, and today most children learn how to interact with icons and before they learn how to read however, using computers and understanding how they operate are two different things, which is why schools employ educators trained to teach computers science to their students. computers science education is a field that focuses understanding and designed of computers , and computational process while some computers scientist are process while some computers scientist are concerned with algorithms , others focuses on the development and implementation of hardware and software . At the college and university levels , computers science overlaps with several allied fields , including information technology and computers teaching. In our teachers education college we have a computer lab . it helps to develop the students knowledge and designing new ides to the helps of our teachers . so many students are beneficed in this programmer in the basis of our infra structure.

Facalty Profile

  • Name: Miss.S.MEENAKSHI
  • Designaton: Assistant Proessor
  • Qualification: M.Sc.,M.Ed.,
  • Experience: 5 Years
  • Specilation: Education


  • ICT in Education
  • The importance of ICT in Education
  • The necessity of ICT in Education
  • The stages of teaching and learning with and through ICT.
  • The various approaches to curriculum development through ICT
  • The traditional view of the teaching – learning process
  • The changes in view of teaching – learning process
  • The implication of ICT in teaching – learning process
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